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( we have several more mini books with Lots of Graphics to come, we have already workded on for years)!

Gate of the Fallen Angels

Jesus Preached At The Gate Where The Angels Fell!

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Gate of the Fallen Angels is a chapter in our book Cernnunos’s Box this is one of the pages!

Jesus preached against the gates of Hell at Caesarea Philippi later called the gates of PAN.

This was at the base of Mount Hermon (named after Hermes known as the father of Pan) where the largest United Nations headquarters is located on the 33rd degree. Hermes was a leader fallen angel that fell on Mount Hermon in 3500 BC. around the time of Adams death, as he died at 930 years old.

The Emperors that lived at the time of Jesus responsible for hanging  Jesus on the cross, called themselves the Sons of JUPITER. Today CERN is wanting to open a Stargate for the Fallen Angels. This Mini Booklet is a true Eye Opener of the connections and codes of the Fallen Angels. 

Hermes is the Twin of Apollo whom CERN built their LHC over Apollos Temple.

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This Book has so many connections with decoding CERN & the prior name of CERN with the sons of Jupiter. The Sons of Jupiter lived during the time of Jesus and they are like the Elite today running the kings of the world.

Some of the decoding is 666, CERN, connections with the Gemini Twins Apollo and Hermes who are the mythological Sun and Moon gods. The Fallen Angels were a 1/3 according to Revelation and that is equal to 33 followed Lucifer. The Angels Fell on Mount Hermon the 33rd Degree as stated above. The United Nations was built on Lucifers Trust which became Lucis trust. ( Lucis is also tied to the decoding of the circle of info!

There is no Coincidence the United Nations largest Headquarters are on Mount Hermon. There was a gate open there at one time Just like the Gate of CERN that the Founders themselves say they will open to another dimension. These are indeed the Same gods of OLD running the show!

Jesus already conquered sin and death!

This Mini Book will be on sale soon Here on endtimesmatrixnews.com !

There will be a PayPal link and a link and code sent for this interactive booklet! You can view it online and swipe the pages any direction. If we add video you can watch on the page. You can also save it to your desktop. All books we create will be published and copyrighted by federal law, so please do not share purchases or use the material without permission.

The money for the book will go to research and donations!

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We are at a very interesting time in History and will write a collection of books Concerning todays Matrix from a Follower of Christ’s Perspective. Thank you for all of your prayers and support! ETMN