Yesterday Kris did an interview with Gonz on Face like the Sun YouTube channel

CERN WATCH: Evidence and Connection to the Occult

Mithra (JUPITER) worshiped in Jupiter temples was represented as 7 fallen Angels and Saturn.
 In prior shows we have discussed the Egyptian myth of the resurrected Saturn as Jupiter Amon.
In different cultures These fallen angels are referred to as different names but they all are called god and referred to as one deity Satan representing the zodiac and 7 planets as god.
(Brooklyn Meusem names are documented)
After Egypt was conquered the Mithra cult carried on as the same worship and dark magic rituals worshipping Jupiter.

See my Mithra blog post re Mark of the beast & Mithra Temples
Angel Hierarchy

There is a pattern of The IEOU gnostic name of god the Higgs Particle.. Cern the zodiac and the kabaalah Seem to match the same symbolism 


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