I just want to tell everyone thank you for your love and support. God is so good and so are his people that He lives inside the heart of..and there are many. We live in an interesting time where things are unbelievably happening.

God has really blessed me with the research and understanding *He alone* has given me on these end times. I give Him all the Glory Honor and Praise!

My goal was and still is to expose things & to open up people’s minds to the truth. The Big Big picture is hard to see without the willingness and the open mind. 

The truth is …there will be a new world order and we are not to fear this. We need to be ready to be able to understand if & when things happen not to believe the wide level of disinformation. 

There will also be a new world religion and a one world currency at some point. Many people will follow into this trap of the Antichrist and will not have faith in Jesus. 

The deception will be very huge and so I’m here to testify that all of that world religion, money and system is Not of the true God of Jesus Christ!

Jesus didn’t die for us in vain He Will protect His people. 

     Nothing and I mean Nothing is impossible with God! God will surprise many many people and I do believe He will wake up many people because I believe He prepares us. 

 I will be working on things as God leads me. Thank you for your prayers!


Jesus is coming soon!   
 If you never have accepted Jesus as your Savior you can ask Him now .. People can also rededicate their lives to Christ and repent. 

Jesus is the only way to Heaven and to God



  1. Well, thank you ever so much Kris, for I believe you have been very Direct very thorough and most indepth with your materials and without fail always managed to bring thing in and around full circle. our Father has truly blessed you in these matters. I’ve heard you comment several times while broadcasting with Tim and Anthony the need to “not” get tied up so much in the evil 😈 “ones” rituals or having the need to understand their in and outs of their doing but infact that you would prefer to focus on our needs which is all about christ our lord and saviour . I would like to see you coming out with more work and awareness of our lord now that you have exposed his foe. After all its all about him. Thank you all for your eye opening hard work I pray your blessings all the way to the straight gate.

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