We live in a time where God Tells us people will become lovers of themselves, lovers of Money and self righteousness. I do believe we will see more confusion and lust of the flesh of people pushing their own beliefs. Although that may be painful to watch God is in full control. God knows our heart and Intensions.  There is already a huge deception in the world and the one coming will be something I’m sure we cannot fathom the depths of. However God is a God of miracles who can literally bring back the dead!  The video below got me thinking of the huge desire the world has verses the heart of Christ and what He said to do!  On another note I’ve had a lot of request to do ancient history videos and that of course ties into the bible. It’s my favorite book to read and research. I have had the pleasure of speaking to true Christ following Pastors and one who is an Archeologist for clarity. (Resources) 😊 I’ve gotten some fascinating information! I’m still reading and praying for God to lead me In a direction He will have me go on all this. If anyone has anything they want me to pray and believe with them for let me know.


  1. Very happy to see you continuing on! Have you seen any of Pastor Charles Lawson’s sermons? Also, wonder what you thought of google sky removing the block out they had on a portion of sky…and now there appears to be a winged planet??
    Thanks and God bless!


    • Hey Tonya thanks I’ll be doing my first show back next week 🙂
      I’ve heard one of Pastors Lawson’s sermons it’s awesome he’s telling the truth he’s brave!
      I remember long ago when Google blocked that area out and I think of course they were hiding activity in that area for sure. I don’t know why they removed it other than they Had to for some odd reason. I see it does appear to be a winged planet. I don’t think it is NIBIRU as that planet can only be seen with an infrared telescope. The pope has his lucifer telescope he watches it with in Arizona. Good to hear from you I’ll post my video next week here on my website from my new channel.

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  2. Sorry, forgot to say, that winged planet looks a lot like things on the ancient egyptian and sumerian things…so I thought it very interesting considering all your research and all the other correlations to the time period. :/


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