It seems like the legion of false prophets we have now are all intertwined with each other like a giant web. One could spend a lifetime studying it.

The layers of deception is so deep
SOME People are falsely waking other people up on purpose and I tell you they want you to believe in a False Jesus
A false Messiah!
There’s a lot of confusion and beliefs out there in the world and a Fake Truth Movement.

Are they setting up TBN to fail ?

Shasu Egypt yhwh

Steven Rudd re the Exodus Timeline Pastor and Archeologist

Habiru Confederation (there are many from the 12 tribes)

Bashemath Daughter of Solomon & Tasheret aka Naamah~ records

Bible Timeline
Pastor Justin Peters Exposes Fake pastors

EXPOSING the Dangerous CULT of the Word of Faith Movement

SPIRIT GUIDES Are Demonic Beings

Benny Hinn: TRUE STORY of Benny Hinn’s Empire & Secrets. A story of GREED vs. GOD)

This is Kris from End Times Matrix News with my New channel End Time Views


  1. Kris, so good to hear from you! May I asked a question? Since I’ve been following your programs they were teaching ancient trues I wasn’t aware of before. So My understanding is that Osiris is Nimrod is this correct? I know so many seem to have multiple names and I’m trying to get it straight in my thinking,

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    • Thanks 🙂

      It appears Nimrod was osiris and that ESAU killed him as a second death meaning Nimrod was not human but a hybrid giant
      Esau took Adams clothing from Nimrod. It’s interesting because Moses married Esau’s granddaughter.


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