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Transhumanist Runs 4 President 2016!

Zoltan Itsvan is running for president and he says his #1 goal is immortality (to conquer death)

Jesus conquered death on the cross!  

No one can conquer death but God himself!
Itsvan went on the say transhumanism is merging with the LGBT to become a huge community. 

Woman can choose to have a baby without a uterus. He claims in the near future everyone can have a robotic heart and no one can get heart disease.

#Transhumanism is just another way to bring in the mark of the beast system! It’s a way to herd people to te antichrist! 
If you want to know more about Itsvan you can google his name and see the videos about him. 

We are in the End Times!


God Bless Everyone!

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