As I listened to this video of the end times and watching for Jesus coming it really touched my heart.

We are to be ready to run to Christ when we see Him coming for us. To be in that place in our hearts where

the Flame is burning for the Lord in Perfect Love.

So many of us are not in that place and God calls us to be ready to watch for Him. No matter how long it should take for Jesus to come if its tomorrow or next year we should be at the place of His divine calling in our lives.

We are living in the end times as the bible clearly shows the prophecy is unfolding right before our eyes!

The devil knows his time is short and he will distract, desensitize and ruin Christians lives if he can (Don’t let the devil steal your joy). God is more powerful then that and we should pray for the lost and seek the will of the most high God (Jesus).

God can do anything if we ask! Ive been believing for a lot these days and praying for miracles in many lives that have touched me from the Lord.


God Bless you all! If you want me to pray and believe with you for anything you can post a public or private comment.






  1. A word of encouragement for all of those that believe. As the complexity of evil unfolds, as all that has been in the darkness comes to the light, let’s grow deeper in the simplicity of a loving relationship with Jesus Christ. The solution will always be the same
    only we may have to work a bit more diligently. The Apostle Peter encourages us to love one another more fervently (that’s the working a bit more diligently part) as we see the day approaching. Do not LET your hearts be troubled and don’t allow yourself to grow cold and hardened. Remember, IT IS FINISHED, our Lord has already destroyed ALL the works of the evil one. Just simply believe, trust, and obey and you WILL surely be saved. Abundant Grace and Peace to all of those that believe in the Creator and the One that He has sent, Jesus Christ!


  2. Can you expound on what is going on with Anthony patch? I just started listening to him… And he recommended about 30 hours of interviews he did with you…. Where can to listen to these?

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    • Hi Anthony and I are in touch and he’s ok but he will not do videos anymore on Cern. My YouTube has most of them – & brewingwaves saved most of them too
      Here’s my YouTube

      Also if you google Anthony patch and Cern and click on videos you should find most of them. He did many videos from different radio shows and youtubers.
      Thanks for asking


      • Thanks for the prompt response Kris, and while I am aware that he has suddenly stopped talking about CERN, what I don’t understand is why. Please, correct me if I am wrong… But didn’t I hear him say that he has dedicated nearly 15 years of study to this? Has been writing books on this due to a prompting from God? Has been an integral part of the research and has stressed how important it is to get this information out there? And then….. Nothing? Just like that. God prompting over. No more talk. Cancel the book…? What’s the deal?

        I read about some websites being hacked, and about end times matrix news YouTube channel being shut down (BTW, do you know why they were shut down?)… But these hardly seem like the kind of obstacles that would derail a project over 15 years in the making, nor would they motivate someone to cease in an endevour that they felt God had called them to do.

        I am sorry this post went so long, but something g just seems off. Just looking for answers. Any insights would be appreciated.

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