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  In the Video we did below we discuss the Arches of Baal ( Now called arches of Triumph) going up around the world! They are Arches replicated from the Arch of Titus (The Roman Emperor who defeated the Jews and stoled their treasures, Including the Jewels of Helen of Troy).   The Arches are Part of Building from Lucifers […]

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  Pope Francis is playing both sides of the Albert Pike WW3 He is bringing in the NWO as a celebrity even with a NEW Album called WAKE UP! no kidding! (Video Below) We are watching the end times unfold with Super Predictive Programming and Bible Prophecy unfolding. Just in the Days of Noah so are people today Mocking those […]

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Satan’s Matrix Legion of False Prophets 1World Church!

It seems like the legion of false prophets we have now are all intertwined with each other like a giant web. One could spend a lifetime studying it. The layers of deception is so deep SOME People are falsely waking other people up on purpose and I tell you they want you to believe in a False Jesus A false Messiah! There’s a lot of confusion and beliefs out there in the world and a Fake Truth Movement. Are they setting up TBN to fail ? Links U2 “WE’RE THE BLOOD IN YOUR MACHINES” Shasu Egypt yhwh Steven Rudd re the Exodus Timeline Pastor and Archeologist Habiru Confederation (there are many from the 12 tribes) Bashemath Daughter […]

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David Wilkerson’s End of America Vision

Originally posted on Watch and Pray!:
As we watch the implosion of Greece’s economy in real time, the 1973 vision of David Wilkerson comes to mind. It is past time to wake up, church. Watch and Pray! JESUS instructs us in Luke 21:36 to “Watch therefore, and pray always, that you will be counted worthy to escape all the things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the SON of Man. Why do we need to know the signs of the times? Truly we live in a time of unprecedented deception. The Gospel of JESUS Christ advises us to “Repent, the kingdom of God is at hand.” “Repent, and believe the Gospel”. That message is just as timely…

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End Times Beliefs 

  We live in a time where God Tells us people will become lovers of themselves, lovers of Money and self righteousness. I do believe we will see more confusion and lust of the flesh of people pushing their own beliefs. Although that may be painful to watch God is in full control. God knows our heart and Intensions.  There is already a huge deception in the world and the one coming will be something I’m sure we cannot fathom the depths of. However God is a God of miracles who can literally bring back the dead!  The video below got me thinking of the huge desire the world has verses the heart of Christ and what He said to […]

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 Nothing is Impossible for God or with God!

   I just want to tell everyone thank you for your love and support. God is so good and so are his people that He lives inside the heart of..and there are many. We live in an interesting time where things are unbelievably happening. God has really blessed me with the research and understanding *He alone* has given me on these end times. I give Him all the Glory Honor and Praise! My goal was and still is to expose things & to open up people’s minds to the truth. The Big Big picture is hard to see without the willingness and the open mind.  The truth is …there will be a new world order and we are not to […]

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Originally posted on starmonkiesbigpic's Blog:
Mithra Also called Serapis as they are female and male deities as one: Sarapis (Mithra) a syncretistic deity derived from the worship of the Egyptian Osiris and Apis (Osiris + Apis = Oserapis/Sarapis) and also gained attributes from other deities, such as chthonic powers linked to the Greek Hades and Demeter, and benevolence linked…

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CERN & The Wheel in the Sky 

Yesterday Kris did an interview with Gonz on Face like the Sun YouTube channel CERN WATCH: Evidence and Connection to the Occult Mithra (JUPITER) worshiped in Jupiter temples was represented as 7 fallen Angels and Saturn.  In prior shows we have discussed the Egyptian myth of the resurrected Saturn as Jupiter Amon. In different cultures These fallen angels are referred to as different names but they all are called god and referred to as one deity Satan representing the zodiac and 7 planets as god. (Brooklyn Meusem names are documented) After Egypt was conquered the Mithra cult carried on as the same worship and dark magic rituals worshipping Jupiter. See my Mithra blog post re Mark of the beast […]